Mikhail Vorobeichik


Was born on December, 28th, 1964 in Leningrad. Has ended the St.-Petersburg state academy of a theatrical art in 1994.


In 1994 has been nominated for the Higher theatrical award of St.-Petersburg “Golden Sofit”. The winner of award by The union of theatrical figures at 13 festival “Theatres — to children”, spets-prize by The union of theatrical figures at 5 international festival “Rainbow”.


The press about Mikhail Vorobeichik.



The author of costume to performances:

Alexandrinsky Theatre

Elizabeth of England (1994)

Deuce (1995)

Three sisters (1996)

Deceits (1997)

The legend on tsar Peter … (1997)

Pygmalion (1998)

Theatre (1998)

Marriage (1998)

Lady Windermere's Fan (1998)

Boris Godunov (the Polish scenes) (1999)

Pair bay (2000)

Cherry garden (2001)

Three sisters and uncle Vanja (2001)

Even a wise man stumbles (2002)

Vanity Fair (2002)

of the comedian


Love don't joke


Cheerful cemetery



Freak of chance

She throws down challenge

Fairy tale on Ivan-fool

The Warsaw melody

Theatre for
Young Spectators


The late demon

Fantastic sum

The Chioggia Scuffles


Treasure Island

Educating Rita



Ekaterina's salon-theatre
George Danden(1992)

Theatre "Yes-not"
(1993)Miss Julie

Theatre "Buff"
That light, shade … (1994)

Theatre of the Musical comedy
Elena's abduction(2001)

Theatre "Comedians"
"Trouble from gentle heart" (1992), "Lordly arrogance" (1992), "I never will be the Frenchwoman" (1992), "Puss in Boots" (1992)

Theatre of Comedy named N. Akimov
"Difficult people" (1996), "My cherry garden" (1997)

Theatre "Saturday"
"Wedding with the general" (1992), "The Rag doll" (1993), "Tender Is the Night" (1993), "Serfs actors" (1993), "Silent swimming in haze" (1994), "I go bear cub to search" (1994)

Theatre "Baltic house"
"The Government Inspector" (1994), "Deeply black colour" (1994), "The Glass Menagerie" (1998), "Evgenie Onegin" (1998), "Greenhorn" (1999), "Secrets of the Mihajlovsky lock" (1999), "The Regal mystic" (2001)

Theatre of name Komissarzhevsky
"Suicide" (1999), "Galgenhumor" (2000)

The Molodezhny (Youth) on Fontanka
"Night of errors" (1996), "The Glass of Water" (1998), "Kasatka" (1999), "Two on swing" (1999), "Turbiny's Days" (2000), "To Forget the Fame-thirsty person" (2009)

of Russia


Murmansk regional theatre
Elizabeth of England

Novosibirsk theatre "Globe"
Children of the sun

Petrozavodsk youth theatre Creative workshop
Don Juan