Was born on December, 28th, 1964 in Leningrad. Has ended the St.-Petersburg state academy of a theatrical art in 1994. The author of costume to more than 80 performances of the Petersburg theatres. The winner of award by The union of theatrical figures at 13 festival “Theatres — to children”, spets-prize by The union of theatrical figures at 5 international festival “Rainbow”. The nominee of the Higher theatrical award of St.-Petersburg “Golden Sofit”



Computer embroidery is a special type of embroidery made by special automatic machines staffed by the Western software. A designer creates embroidery software which includes an algorithm for the machine activities.



“Chas Pik” is quoted as saying: “…There are rumors from the theatre that even if spectators are not pleased with actors starring it would be completely atoned by incredibly beautiful costumes designed by Michail Vorobeychik”


“Teatralny Petersburg” is quoted as saying “…A costume may be regarded as successful if an actor starring in it brings a wave of emotions, a flow of fresh air to the stage”.


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